The EAL6+ certification rewards the efforts of id3 Technologies and NXP® Semiconductors for the protection of biometric data


Following its long-term collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors, id3 Technologies announces the successful integration of its biometric library into the new generation of NXP secure smart card solution (JCOP ID 2) dedicated to Secure Identity market.

The library allows secure and privacy-preserving user authentication with fingerprint and/or facial recognition(s) as an alternative or in addition to PIN. It fully complies with the latest ISO/IEC 7816 standards.

Integrated inside JCOP 4.5 operating system, it combines high efficiency and security in a Java Card compliant package.

The implemented biometric recognition algorithms have shown excellent performance during the latest Minex evaluations from NIST with Fingerprint error rate of 1.03% at FAR 0.01% and Face error rate of 0.32% at FAR 0.001%.

The solution provides instant operation with an average response time of 120 milliseconds regardless of the biometric modality. It meets the EAL6 augmented (EAL6+) assurance requirements of the Common Criteria certification scheme.

The solution targets all e-government use cases (identity cards, electronic passports, heath cards, electronic driver licenses, etc.), logical/physical access management and transport applications. It represents either an alternative or comes in addition to PIN allowing user authentication in PKI use cases such as signature and encryption.

Jean Louis Revol, President of id3 Technologies, underlines that this certification rewards the strategy carried out for almost 20 years by id3 to preserve and secure users’ biometric data.

Mr. Julien Vintrou, eGovernment Marketing Manager at NXP, adds that the biometric library developed by id3 integrated into the JCOP ID is NXP’s first solution offering biometric match-on-card with CC EAL6+ certification, which enables highly secure biometric based user authentication.