Servicios de diseno electronico

Servicios de diseno electronico

Diseño e industrialización

Since 1990 we provide Electronic Design Services (EDS) for the development of embedded products and systems, we support our customers in the realization of their projects: measuring instrument, medical device, access control, IoT…







With skills in electronics, embedded software and mechatronics, we are able to handle the entire development of a product from design to production. We accompany our customers at every step of the project cycle.

electronic design

Diseño electronico

Design services for electronic cards and embedded systems, from feasibility study to manufacturing …
test boards

Tarjetas de prueba

Test card design and manufacturing service for semiconductor components with socket or custom test tools…
circuit simulation


Electronic circuit simulation service: simulation and measurement of the parameters of a microstrip line, HF (Up to 70Ghz), signal integrity …


Industrialization service to set up the set of methods and tools to design an industrialized product, reliable and …
embedded software

Software embebido

Low level embedded software development for embedded systems based on 8, 16 or 32 bit microcontrollers. With expertise in …

CIR Approval

CIR agreement

Thanks to years of investment in research and development, id3 Technologies is accredited «Crédit d’Impôt Recherche» (CIR) by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France. By entrusting us with your R&D projects, local compagnies can benefit from this accreditation by counting our services in tax credit.

IPC Design Rules

Certification IPC

In 2018, id3 Technologies becomes IPC member. The engineers and technicians at the design office obtained the CID certification which certifies best practices concerning the design, routing and assembly methods of electronic cards in accordance with IPC standards.