Embedded Software

Low level development

At id3 technologies we are specialized in low level embedded software development for micro controller platforms. With hardware-oriented expertise, our embedded software engineers offer the best choice of components and technologies to design reliable and efficient systems in different application areas such as communication systems, measuring instruments, security technologies … We can accompany you from the technical specifications to design a solution perfectly adapted to your needs.

embedded system

Desarollo de drivers,


Implementación de protocolos,


Control de periféricos,


Desarollo de utilidades,


Mantenimiento de códigos,


Portabilidad de software.

Sistema bare-metal

Our embedded software engineers are specialized in developing environments without operating systems. The embedded software only use resources of microcontrollers and associated peripherals. In this configuration with no operating system, the application has to manage hardware interrupts. «Bare Metal» applications are suitable for embedded systems subject to strong constraints such as: low cost, small size, low power consumption, high reliability of operation, high data security and real-time applications.

Desarollo de FPGA

The FPGA components integrate all the necessary cells to board autonomous systems: logic, microprocessors, memories, fast inputs / outputs … This technology is particularly used in the embedded for the processing of video streams and image processing. We have developed within our teams a particular competence for the integration and the programming of FPGA in VHDL or Verilog.

More information

  • Processors 8/16/32 bits,
  • ARM (Cortex A, Cortex M),
  • PIC,
  • FPGA,
  • Assembly,
  • C/C++,
  • VHDL.
  • SPI,
  • I2C,
  • USB,
  • UART,
  • PCI,
  • LIN/CAN,
  • Memory (SRAM, EPROM…),
  • User interface (LCD, Touch…),
  • ADC, DAC,

Other services of our design office

electronic design

Diseño electronico

Design services for electronic cards and embedded systems, from feasibility study to manufacturing …
circuit simulation


Electronic circuit simulation service: simulation and measurement of the parameters of a microstrip line, HF (Up to 70Ghz), signal integrity …
test boards

Tarjetas de prueba

Test card design and manufacturing service for semiconductor components with socket or custom test tools…


Industrialization service to set up the set of methods and tools to design an industrialized product, reliable and …

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