Face SDK

Software Development Kit for Face Recognition
face sdk

Face Recognition SDK 

Our face recognition algorithm implements the most advanced techniques in the field of artificial neural networks and machine learning. It provides uncompromised performances to identify and recognize individuals.

Multi cameras

cctv cameras

Ability to work simultaneously with a large range of cameras under either visible or infrared light.

Multi devices

All devices

Integrate powerful face matching technology into desktop and mobile applications.

Multi platforms

Multi platforms

Easy integration on multiple platforms : Windows, Linux, Android.

multi face capture


Capture faces from a photo or video with the ability to simultaneously capture multiple faces from multiple cameras.


Generation of a template with the biometric characteristics extracted from a face image.


Verification 1:1 or 1:n to match faces against templates with configurable score threshold based on targeted FAR/FRR rates.


Real time operation for detection, tracking and identification of multiple faces in still images or video streams.

In-depth Analysis

In-depth analysis of a video, image by image for a greater precision of detection and identification.

Portrait Acquisition

Capture of portraits with automatic image rotation and cropping features according to ICAO guidelines for ID documents.

portrait capture



High Accuracy

Reliably detect and identity human faces in a photo or video.


Fast Recognition

Identify a person in a few milliseconds in a collection of millions of faces.

Small template

Small Size

Small template for easy storage in any ID document or database.


Modular Design

On-demand features management to meet applications needs.

Local processing

Local Processing

Runs completely offline, all features are performed on the machine itself.

Quick Start

Support, API, documentation and examples in several programming languages.



Unlimited faces detection,
Real-time multi-face tracking,
Live face detection,
Minimum head size 25 pixels,
Face posture tolerance +-45 degrees.


Supported devices :
Webcam, Industrial, IP, DSLR cameras,
Capture from multiple cameras,


Template size 264 bytes,
Combined multi-face template,
GPU extraction time < 25 ms,
CPU extraction time < 450 ms.


Matches 6 million templates/s,
FAR < 0.0001%,
Configurable score threshold,
Works with infrared images.