id3 in Peru

Nov 7, 2022 | Events

The Peruvian identity card embeds the fingerprint recognition algorithms of the Grenoble-based id3 Technologies

The new Peruvian national electronic identity card (DNIe) not only guarantees the identity of its holder in everyday life, but also opens up the possibility of identifying oneself in the virtual world to secure electronic transactions and electronic voting.
The DNIe contributes to the implementation of the national e-government policy through the use of digital identity in secure electronic transactions by means of digital certificates, and by guaranteeing citizens efficient access, at any time, to the services that public institutions will deploy.

It embeds id3’s Match on card algorithm, which allows the verification of the cardholder’s fingerprints.
In order to meet the requirements of the tender issued by the Peruvian authorities, NXP® Semiconductors provided a solution featuring id3’s Match-On-Card (MOC) algorithm that was powerful, fast and, above all, efficient in terms of memory size and energy consumption.
The id3 Technologies algorithm was selected and integrated into the NXP JCOP® platform and delivered to more than 7M Peruvian citizens (DNIe delivered by INDRA / PWPW SA based on the NXP platform) to date.
The id3 algorithm has also been evaluated by NIST during the Minex tests, which brought together biometric algorithm providers from around the world.
The impressive performance in terms of memory footprint and execution performance allow id3 to be ranked among the best in the world.

Jean Louis Revol, President of id3 Technologies, said that the collaboration with NXP gives id3 a great opportunity to develop its skills in government markets. He also points out that this algorithm is the result of many years of research and development, rewarding the talent and work of the company’s innovation teams.
Mr. Julien Vintrou, eGovernment Marketing Manager at NXP, underlines that id3’s expertise and the ease of porting to the target chip were key to the success of the operation, and he is delighted that the NXP platform is serving the Peruvian government’s desire to deploy secure online services based on electronic identity.