id3 with Colombian notaries

Mar 17, 2015 | News

The signing of an agreement with colombian notaries authorizing the implementation of the biometric identification and online authentication project was the final phase of a successful venture initiated 2 years ago.

In 2012, the Colombian Board of Public Notaries (UCNC) indicated to id3 its desire to formally identify Colombian citizens who are using its services, in order to prevent identity theft and fraudulent activity.

A visit from UCNC directors to the id3 Technologies Head Office in Grenoble, will enable the project initiators to validate the competences of this Isère-based SME and to confirm the project start-up.

Subsequently,the establishment of an agreement between the National Civil Registry(RNEC), the UCNC, Certicamara and id3 Technologies, will authorize the use of the country’s official biographical and biometric database, in order to perform an online comparison of the biometric data of citizens requiring UCNC services with data stored on the server.

Certicamara solutions for chronological timestamping and electronic signatures,combined with id3 Technologies’ solutions for fingerprint recognition and identity management, have enabled the entirety of UCNC needs to be met.

Each application for an administrative procedure requires the following steps:

  • Biometric identification of the notary with match on card software and id3 reader
  • Scanning of the 2D barcode featured on the applicant’s identity card
  • Capture of the applicant’s biometric data: photo + fingerprints
  • Comparison of collected fingerprints with the national database
  • Handwritten signature of the applicant on tablet computer
  • Creation of the required document
  • Signature of the document by the notary, including biometric authentication, digital certificate, timestamp and filing on a private Web platform.

The deployment of this new service, as well as fingerprint readers and tablet computers for electronic signatures, will gradually be implemented throughout the year in order to equip the country’s 1000 public notary offices.

The corporation of Colombian notaries is therefore becoming the most high-tech in the world as a result of these innovative biometric solutions, which are easy to use, yet entirely secure.