id3Finger MOC

Fingerprint matching algorithm for smart cards.

Fingerprint Authentication On Smart Cards

id3Finger MOC is a finger minutiae comparison algorithm specifically designed and optimized for card-based systems. The match-on-card technology eliminates the need for the database by both storing and processing biometric data directly on a smart card, providing a secure, privacy-enhancing biometric solution with dynamic flexibility and scalability.


Standard compliance

Our algorithm is based exclusively on the minutiae points and strictly complies with the ISO/IEC 19794-2 standard. It ensures full interoperability with existing systems.


Certified accuracy

Our match-on-card algorithm complies with the latest interoperability and performance requirements defined in NIST SP 800-76-2.


Fast comparison time

Our algorithms are very fast and run is less than 200 ms on a standard IC chip.


Low resource requirements

The memory footprint of the library (code size) is less than 10 kB. Working buffer size (RAM) is approximately 1300 bytes.


Easy integration

Our algorithm is provided as a single software library coded in C language. It is optimized and compiled on request for specific secure IC chip of your choice.


Fusion engine

Our library offers a unique capability of score-level fusion for highly secure authentication using multiple views per finger and/or multiple fingers.

NIST MINEX III Certification

We have been pioneering fingerprint match-on-card since 1999. Our latest algorithm has reached the highest performance and interoperability requirements defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the MINEX III evaluation.


Privacy enhanced authentication

The majority of biometric systems in use today operate in a database environment. Whether it is a large-scale database such as US-VISIT or a small bank of biometrics stored on a server for logical access in an office, the solutions are based on insecure networks that are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Biometric match-on-card technology eliminates the need for the database by both storing and processing biometric data directly on the secure microcontroller of a smartcard. Lost or stolen cards pose minimal risks.

How it works

Simply present your card to a contact or contactless card reader, place your finger on a fingerprint sensor. The reader captures and analyses the biometric data. It extracts the relevant information from this data, encrypts it and sends it to the card for matching. The card executes the biometric comparison algorithm and produces a score revealing how similar the biometric data is with the one stored on the card. The card then renders a decision as to whether or not you are the owner of the card.

Algorithm versions

id3Finger MOC 3.30

  • Ultra fast,
  • Super lightweight: < 3 kB code, 317 bytes data,
  • NIST MINEX II certified,
  • ISO-CC compliant,
  • Rotation tolerance: 16°.

id3Finger MOC 5.3

  • Fast comparison: < 150 ms,
  • Lightweight: < 10 kB code, 1331 bytes data,
  • NIST MINEX III compliant,
  • ISO-CC compliant,
  • Rotation tolerance up to 180°.

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