Security & ID Solutions

We are innovating in the fields of artificial intelligence and biometrics to offer our customers modular systems that guarantee identities while protecting the privacy of individuals.

Our expertise in
biometric technologies

With more than 20 years of experience in computer vision and artificial intelligence, we have built a strong expertise in fingerprint and face recognition algorithms. Our technologies are recognized worldwide for their performance in the field.

Through our latest innovations, we make it our mission to provide trusted identity to citizens, identify security threats in public areas, securely grant access to premises and physical assets, strengthen border security and secure payments and transactions.

Our Markets

Public security
Public Security

Identify security threats in public areas with real-time facial recognition.

Access control
Citizen Identity

National ID system, travel documents, voting solutions, work permits, etc.

Mobile apps
Consumer Electronics

Securely authenticate users on mobile phones with biometrics.

Match on card (moc)
Financial Institutions

Securing payments and transactions with biometrics.

Border control
Access Control

Grant access to premises and physical assets, strengthen border security.

Abis face recognition
Legal Services

Authentication for notaries, lawyers, bailiffs.

Scalable and Flexible Services for Trusted Identity

Our identity solutions provide a turnkey system thought and designed like a customizable ecosystem. It comprises a complete process for proven identity creation and management. As each case is unique, our platform is totally flexible and can be tailor-made to fit customer needs.

ID Solutions - ID Documents

Biometric Enrolment

A secure and flexible solution for biographic and biometric enrolment.

Graphical Design


A centralized back-end system for application processing including biometric uniqueness verification.

Printing and Encoding

ID Document Issuance

From graphical design to batch printing and encoding of your ID documents.

Our products

We have designed a range of biometric hardware for quick integration of fingerprint identification technologies into embedded systems, personal computers, mobile devices and smart cards.

Identification technologies
for better safety and security

Our commitments

No matter what your application, whether it is the issue of any kind of documents (travel documents or ID cards), ensuring transaction integrity, guaranteeing the reliability of a citizen register or granting services to a group of people, id3’s ID system will give you its very best. From project planning to implementation and training, our experts will accompany you every step of the way.


Systems definition


Project management


On-site installation







Our Partners

Our network of partners comprises industry leaders and highly technological companies, offering unmatched performance in terms of responsiveness for the design, prototyping and manufacture of your ideas according to your needs.

Our Code of Ethics

Every day, we deal with governmental entities and sensitive industries, involving privacy and information secrecy. Therefore, we believe in a strong code of ethics that allows implementation of ID-linked breakthroughs while avoiding any dangerous deviance.


Privacy and freedom

ID management is not a common industry because it covers the entire life of a human being, from cradle to grave. This demands constant attention to the respect of individual privacy and freedom.


Information confidentiality

We are commited to continuous improvement and invest heavily in R&D to provide our clients with the most secure solutions possible. We can deal with any concerns as we ensure full reliability of our solutions and information confidentiality.


Cautiousness and discretion

As our customers and their applications are sensitive and involve national or personal integrity, cautiousness and discretion must be a paradigm. We deal with sensistive issues, and we therefore consider our clients’ peace of mind to be an absolute priority.

News and Events

CIAB FEBRABRAN, June 11-13 Sao Paulo, Brasil

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id3 demonstrates the performance of its face recognition.

  id3 Technologies, an independent French company, has proven excellent performance tradeoff in the recently released results of Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), a prestigious international benchmark of facial recognition algorithms. Face Recognition Vendor...

Security & safety meetings, March 20 – 21 Cannes, France

  More than 250 carefully selected security and safety professionals wil be in attendance at "la Croisette" in Cannes to meet more than 120 exhibitors on the 20th and 21th of March 2019. Resolutely top-of-the-range, Security & Safety Meetings brings together...

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