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Test interfaces

id3 technologies offers design and manufacturing test board services for semiconductor components. Our designs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each application (high frequency, high temperature, low leakage, parametric test, parallel multi-DUT…). With more than 20 years of experience in the design of electronic circuits (analog, digital / mixed high speed circuit, RF circuits ..), we can support you from the technical specifications and perform design stages: Architecture, component selection, schematics, routing and manufacturing.

Test interface

Probe Cards


Load Boards


Evaluation Boards


Adapter Cards


Burn-in Boards

Our expertise

In order to reproduce as closely as possible the performance of the DUT during test sequences, we apply to our designs the strongest design rules to reduce electromagnetic interferences and preserve the integrity of the signal.

multi layers pcb design

Technical skills

  • High speed digital circuit, analog or RF,
  • Multilayer PCBs (+30 layers),
  • CMS, through-hole or mixt technologies,
  • Impedance control, crosstalk & EMI,
  • PCB stack-up optimization,
  • Routing of differential pairs,
  • Blind & buried vias, micro-vias, vias-in-pad.
probe card

Probe card

Load board

Load board

Other features

test socket

Test socket

FPGA development

FPGA development

EM PCB simulation

PCB & EM simulation

Other services of our design office

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test boards


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