About Us

Welcome to id3 Technologies

Founded in 1990 in the French “Silicon Valley” near Grenoble France, id3 has since faced many challenges. Originally involved in electronics, id3 is now recognised as one of the leading experts in biometric innovative technologies, and has already issued 30 million licenses for its match-on-card algorithm. The constantly developing expertise of its team of 30 engineers has been rewarded by the MINEX certification for worldwide top-ranking technology.
id3 currently provides its customers with biometric capabilities, thanks to a large portfolio of products, from elementary modules and tools to high-end solutions. Our close and loyal relationships with our customers leads us to develop more global solutions to serve their needs. This is why we are now looking forward to a future as a global ID solution provider. Being an SMB, we are extremely flexible and can pay close attention to all requests from our customers. We react quickly to provide maximum satisfaction on a daily basis.

Our Mission


We constantly analyse our environment, to be prepared to take action at any time


We understand your needs in order to tailor our solutions to meet your expectations


We design innovative products and solutions that provide you with the most advanced technologies


We evolve alongside our customers, building relationships based on trust and confidence

Three Decades of Innovation

  • 2017

    Burkina Faso driving license enrolment stations.
  • 2016

    MINEX III first MoC certified ever. MALI passport AFIS engine & enrollment stations deployment.
  • 2014

    France’s home ministry appointed id3 as a consultant for the evaluation of biometric technology. At the same time, a new ID system was deployed in Ivory Coast for the issuance of student cards.
  • 2013

    id3 won a large contract in Colombia to provide a biometric ID system to all Colombian notaries. This contract includes the supply of biometric hardware kits, custom-designed registration software, and biometric verification via link to Colombia’s national ID register. The first AFIS system was sold to the police department in Nigeria.
  • 2012

    To reflect the evolution of the company and its new strategic orientation, id3 Semiconductors changed its name to id3 Technologies.Rio de Janeiro decided to install biometric validators in thei urban buses.
  • 2010

    Deployment of id3 biometric modules in Brazilian buses (São Bernardo do Campo, Jacarei, Aracaju).
  • 2006

    Development for Codes Rousseau company of a solution, with real-time analysis, for the driving schools of the army. This solution will be widely used later in the civilian sector for the highway code test.
  • 2002

    id3 launches a new activity around the sale of proprietary products. This new department combines the skills of electronics and micro electronics to design components and modules dedicated to biometrics, radio and RFID.
  • 1999

    id3 entered the world of biometrics with a major innovation. At the Cartes trade show in Paris, id3 demonstrated a new concept, called “Match-on-Card”. This technology is now well known and popular throughout the ID market. id3 has sold more than 30 million MoC licenses throughout the world.
  • 1997

    After a period of activity focused on electronic and microelectronic design, id3 created its own R&D department to capitalize on its expertise.
  • 1996

    Co-design (in collaboration with Thomson CSF) of a new fingerprint sensor using thermal technology.
  • 1992

    Creation of an “Electronics and Industrialization” activity dedicated to the development of electronic products. This new development strategy is followed by an alliance with the companies BIG BANG (industrial design) and CREATEC (mechanical design).
  • 1990

    Foundation of id3 Semiconductors, a service company specializing in the subcontracting of integrated circuits (ASICs) for the electronics industry. id3 Semiconductors will be one of the first companies in the industry to promote the use of FPGAs.